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Smart Repairs

Smart Repairs are done by using alternative products and is a quicker repair method which results in a cheaper repair cost but is only feasible for small repairs i.e. bumper corners, mirror caps etc.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheel refurbishment is ideal to revamp the look of your vehicle (from corrosion to kerb damage or even a complete colour change), we can arrange for shot blasting and tyre removal for severely corroded wheels.

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Accident Repair Damage

Accident Repair Damage can cover all types of vehicle damage from new bumpers to complete side impact damage. We can also carry out insurance work as agreed with your insurance company.

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Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a repair method to remove small car park dents without any paintwork being required, this is an outside contractor we use and we can arrange this at our premises at a convenient time to yourself.

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Motorbike Paintwork

Motorbike Paintwork can be accident damage to colour changing, or a one off paint scheme.

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Day Van Conversions

Day Van Conversions is more of a lifestyle these days and we can offer a complete package for paintwork colour coding, mirrors, bumpers etc to insulating, ply lining and carpeting the interior.

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Motorhome/Caravan Repairs

Motorhome/Caravan Repairs can be anything from machine polishing and detailing your pride and joy before the summer season to doing any paintwork repairs that you may require.